Tuesday, 31 May 2016

'J' is for jellyfish

Last week, the letter we focused on was 'J', so on Friday we busily made our shimmering jellyfish, now gliding across our back wall in room 9.
Tomorrow we are off to MOTAT... so keep an eye out for trip photos.


  1. Wow room 9, we love the jellyfish you guys made. They look so realistic!
    Our favorite ones were all of them! Did you use pastel?

  2. The jellyfish look fantastic because they are sparkly at the top. How long did it take to make the jellyfish? Did you use paint?

  3. Jasmine and Shavaun Room 810 August 2016 at 14:47

    Hi room 9
    Did you have fun making the jellyfish?
    It looks really good with sparkles and added bits of crepe paper or ribbon.They look amazing you rock at making jellyfish.

  4. Hi Room 9
    Was making the jellyfish fun? Did you use pastel or paint?